Why Crypto APIs

The blockchain development platform you need to build, scale and optimize your crypto and blockchain projects.

Save on development time

Leverage the power of a proven blockchain infrastructure trusted by industry leaders. Integrate once, go to market in days.

Reduce maintenance costs

Our flexible pricing plans offer the best cost to performance ratio. Get access to the full product suite and features. Upgrade or downgrade anytime.

Enterprise-grade security

We apply encryption to REST, encryption to memory, and encryption in transit on all sensitive data. We are fully ISO 27001 certified.

All-in-one dashboard

One dashboard for all of your crypto operations. Get API keys, generate addresses, setup webhooks, monitor failed requests, callbacks and more.

Reliable & prompt support

We offer unprecedented support for our customers. Our core company value is to serve and assist customers like no one else on the market.

15 years of software development experience

Take advantage of our team of highly-skilled developers and their expertise in data security and usability of digital assets, platforms and products.

Infrastructure optimized for growth


Networks Supported


Avg Processing Time

25,000+ rq/s


100+ TB

of Big Data