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Wallet as a Service

Wallet as a Service

Managed Transactions

No need to take care of fees calculation or UTXO, etc. We take care of it for you.

Transactions Limits

You can set limits: per transaction, per hour and per day, so no matter what happens your funds will be safe.

Manual Approvers

You can invite and select as many manual approvers as you want. The transaction will never happen if they don't log in to our dashboard and approve it manually.

Authorized IPs

You can authorize certain IPs in order to create transactions. This adds AN additional layer of security as we will not accept any request outside of your IPs list.

Deposit Notifications

You can activate notifications for your wallet so that you get a callback for every deposit made.

Manual Rejecters

You can set as a many manual rejecters as you prefer. This is helpful in situations when the transaction is too large or too sensitive and you need to know that it is being thoroughly inspected and can be rejected if necessary.

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