ERC-721 is a standard for representing the ownership of different unique tokens, also known as “non-fungible tokens”. Tokens made to the ERC-721 standard are indivisible, distinguishable, and can represent a collection of assets. An ERC-721 token can also have different value than another token from the same smart contract.

Blockchain Ethereum
Type Non-fungible
Popular token Skullpunks-Og
Required Functions name, symbol, totalSupply, balanceOf, ownerOf, approve, takeOwnership, transfer, tokenOfOwnerByIndex, tokenMetadata
Released 2018
Use cases Collectables, Crypto games, Ownership
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The standard of unique tokens

ERC-721 tokens are mostly used for collectables and as a way to tokenize unique items and assets in digital games. The standard provides basic functionality to transfer and track the ownership of NFTs.