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Monthly Annually Get 2 months free%
Free $0/month $0/year Get free API Key
Standard $129/month $1,290/year Get Started
Startup $389/month $3,890/year Get Started
Professional $1,559/month $15,590/year Get Started
Custom Upon request Create a plan
Main features Free $0/month $0/year Get free API Key Standard $129/month $1,290/year Get Started Startup $389/month $3,890/year Get Started Advanced $779/month $7,790/year Get Started Professional $1,559/month $15,590/year Get Started Custom Upon request Create a plan
Daily Credits Daily Credits refer to the cost and number of requests that are allowed for a certain subscription plan per day. The higher the subscription level, the more daily credits are provided. Daily credits are reset every 24 hours. 100,000 300,000 1,000,000 10,000,000 Custom
Requests Per Second The number of requests that can be executed per second. 5 10 20 40 Custom
Networks Which networks are covered by the specific plan. Mainnet is a live production network, while Testnet, Ropsten, Rinkeby are all for testing purposes. Testnets only All Networks All Networks All Networks All Networks
Wallet as a Service A well equipped and secure Digital Wallet for your crypto transactions. Testnets Only
Blockchain Data Provides access to unified and raw blockchain data - balances, transactions, blocks, internal transactions, token transfers, etc. Testnets Only
Node as a Service Shared and dedicated node infrastructure for top blockchains using JSON-RPC.
Blockchain Events Subscribe for a certain event (new block, new transaction, new token transfer, new internal transaction, etc.) on any Blockchain and we will notify you when the event happens. 50 500 4,000 30,000 Custom
Blockchain Automations Automatic Coins Forwarding and Automatic Tokens Forwarding to automatically forward any received funds to the main address you have set. 50 500 4,000 30,000 Custom
Blockchain Tools A set of prepared cryptographic APIs which don't have any connection to any database or blockchain node. Testnets Only
Market Data Real-time crypto market data from top crypto exchanges with trades and order books.

Wallet as a Service

0% Crypto APIs Commission We don't charge any fees or commissions for your crypto transactions. Testnets Only
Deposit Addresses Count The total number of deposit addresses you can have. An address serves as a digital bank account within the blockchain ecosystem, enabling you to receive, store, and transfer various assets. Within a wallet, you can generate multiple addresses for the same or different blockchain networks. 1,000 2,500 5,000 40,000 Custom
APIs & Dashboard & Mobile Application A Digital Wallet and accompanying APIs with actions and functionalities are available to utilize through a dedicated and user-friendly Dashboard and Mobile Application. Testnets Only
MPC Based Joint computations, Threshold Signature Scheme, Distributed Key Generation, no private keys, a single signature generated in the transaction record. Testnets Only
Multi-Blockchain Support With Crypto APIs, you possess the capability to generate addresses across all supported blockchain networks. This empowers you to leverage a wide range of blockchain networks and their associated functionalities for creating and managing addresses seamlessly. Testnets Only
Better Fees Our WaaS consolidates funds much more efficiently with up to 90% off of transaction fees. Testnets Only
Governance Layer Create as many custom rules and policies as needed. These policies can be applied for different situations. Testnets Only
Recovery Open-Source Tool An open source tool located in GitHub which can be used in case of an emergency or disaster. Testnets Only
Custom Quorum Modify, update or change transaction signing policies. Choose custom M/N nodes for your Wallet - server or mobile. Testnets Only

Blockchain Data

REST APIs Use REST APIs to obtain raw and unified blockchain data. Testnets Only
Unified Data Obtain unified blockchain data as an innovative way to always have the exact same request and response no matter the Blockchain. Testnets Only
Raw Data Obtain generic raw data - node information when no changes have been made from our side and every blockchain has its own specific structure of data. Testnets Only
Live Data Easily obtain real live blockchain data as the actions occur. Testnets Only
Historical Data Get historical blockchain data from blockchain nodes on transactions, addresses, tokens, etc. Testnets Only
Blocks Get data on blocks - time of mining, hash, height, and more. Testnets Only
Transactions Obtain data on transactions, including timestamps, confirmations, amounts, and more. Testnets Only
Deposit Addresses Obtain data on addresses such as its transactions, units, timestamps, and more. Testnets Only
Contracts Get information on smart contracts such as their related transactions. Testnets Only
Tokens Obtain relevant blockchain data on tokens such as their to address and confirmations count. Testnets Only
Internal Transactions Obtain information on internal transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Testnets Only
Mempool Data Get information on blockchain mempool data, where transactions are queued and pending confirmation. Testnets Only
Fees Data Obtain data on fees and priorities for addresses and transactions on blockchains. Testnets Only
HD Wallets (xPub, yPub, zPub) Get data on HD Wallets and child private and public keys, including xpub, ypub and zpub. Testnets Only
Synced HD Wallets The total number of HD wallets that you could synchronize. 0 500 1,000 2,500 Custom

Node as a Service

Smart Load Balancer Shared Nodes use a load balancer and multiple nodes, this ensures high availability and allows us to update nodes without any interruptions however there is a challenge because every node has different blocks, this causes errors and issues. To solve that we have developed a Smart Load Balancer which ensures the data is always correct, real-time and fully synced. Testnets Only
Pool of Nodes For every protocol and network, we provide a pool of nodes which ensures high availability. Testnets Only
Automatic Updates We take care of updating nodes on time without any interruptions. Testnets Only
Multichain Mainnets and Testnets We support the Mainnets and Testnets networks of top blockchain protocols.
Hard Fork Our team takes care of hard forks for you. Testnets Only

Blockchain Events

Unconfirmed Coins/Tokens Transactions Get a notification when there is an unconfirmed transaction for your address. Testnets Only
Incoming/Outgoing Coins Transactions Set up an event notification subscription for incoming and outgoing coins transactions. Testnets Only
Transactions Confirmations Set up an event notification subscription for when transactions receive new confirmations. Testnets Only
Mined Transaction Set up an event notification subscription for when transactions are mined and confirmed. Testnets Only
Mined Block Set up an event notification subscription for when a new block is mined. Testnets Only
Incoming/Outgoing Tokens Transactions Set up an event notification subscription for incoming and outgoing token transactions. Testnets Only
Subscriptions Count How many event subscriptions (callbacks) are allowed as active at the same time in each subscription plan. 50 500 4,000 30,000 Custom

Blockchain Automations

Automatic Coins Forwarding Support for automatic coins forwarding. Once funds are received we automatically forward them to another wallet. Testnets Only
Coins Automations Count The count of available automatic coins forwardings per subscription plan. 25 250 2,000 15,000 Custom
Automatic Token Forwarding Support for automatic tokens forwarding. This feature will move your tokens to your main (cold) wallet once there are new received ones. Testnets Only
Tokens Automations Count The count of available automatic tokens forwardings per subscription plan. 25 250 2,000 15,000 Custom

Blockchain Tools

Broadcast Signed Transaction Sign transactions locally on your side, without the need to own the node. Testnets Only
Derive Receiving/Change Addresses Derive receiving and change addresses (xPub, yPuv, zPub), multisig addresses, and more. Testnets Only
Validate Address You can validate an address and make sure it's accurate for the specific blockchain and network. Testnets Only

Market Data

Supported Assets List of Supported Assets, both Crypto and FIAT.
Crypto Assets Basic and Advanced information about Crypto Assets like type, circulating supply, latest rate, changes in specific periods, etc.
FIAT Assets All FIAT assets with their latest rate and some additional information.
Exchanges Rates By Symbols We use the most common symbols (ex: BTC for Bitcoin) and you can get exchange rate by these symbols however, we recommend checking and making sure that we both mean the same asset with this Symbol.
Exchanges Rates By IDs We have a unique custom asset ID for every asset, you can get them from Metadata and use them to make sure that this is the asset you need.


Public Documentation We offer extensive Technical and API Documentation, FAQ, Guides, Glossary and more, available for all subscriptions.
Emails/Tickets Support In case you are facing any difficulties, open up a ticket with our team.
Priority Email/Tickets Support A support level you can use to send priority emails and tickets to our team.
Dedicated Chat Group (ex: Telegram) With the marked subscription plans you can get a level of support which includes a dedicated chat group.
Personal Integration Assistance Specific subscription plans include a support level where assistance with your integration is provided.
Dedicated Support We provide dedicated support for enterprise customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crypto APIs?

Crypto APIs is a blockchain infrastructure layer that radically simplifies the development of blockchain and crypto related applications by providing all needed blockchain APIs. We provide fast, reliable, and unified API solutions to access real-time and historical data from crypto market and blockchain protocols.

What products does Crypto APIs offer?

Crypto APIs is a set of blockchain- and crypto-related products which can help you reduce your development and infrastructure costs. It's an infrastructure layer which significantly reduces your go to market time. - Wallet as a Service - an MPC digital wallet that incorporates the best features, security and authorization processes on the market. - Blockchain Data - Unified access to complex and dynamic blockchain data from a single point using REST APIs. - Blockchain Events - monitor and be notified for webhooks on top blockchain protocols using unified requests and callbacks - Node as a Service - shared and dedicated node infrastructure for top blockchains using JSON-RPC. - Key Management System - open-source key management system for secure HD wallet generation and storing of private keys. - Blockchain Tools - a collection of API endpoints that provide an easy connection with blockchains and perform certain operations. - Blockchain Automations - forward automatically any received coins or tokens to a preferred main deposit address. - Market Data - real-time market data from top crypto exchanges in one place.

Who are our intended customers?

Crypto APIs product suite has multiple use cases. Our infrastructure is designed to best serve any SMEs, enterprises or crypto-enthusiasts who need quick, secure and reliable access to top blockchain nodes. You can check our website to see the crypto and blockchain products that we offer and for any questions, don't hesitate and contact our team.

Where is Crypto APIs main office located?

Crypto APIs Inc. is a registered brand with headquarters located at 24a Trolley Square, Wilmington, DE 19806, United States

Which blockchains networks are supported?

Crypto APIs supports the following blockchains for both testnet and mainnet: - Bitcoin - Ethereum - XRP - Litecoin - TRON - Bitcoin Cash - Dash - Dogecoin - Ethereum Classic - Zilliqa - Zcash - Binance Smart Chain Check out our dedicated page with all supported blockchains, layers, tokens and exchanges.

Do you support testnet networks?

Yes, we support testnet networks for mutiple blockchains. We also offer a free subscription plan to be used over testnet networks.

Do you use one node per network?

We have a pool of nodes that we use, all hosted with us. If it happens one to go offline, there is always another one that will continue processing.

Do you use your own nodes or shared ones?

We don’t use shared nodes. The pool of nodes we use is owned by Crypto APIs.

How can I contact support?

You can contact our support team via Live Chat or Support Email. When you contact us, please use the email address associated with your Crypto APIs account, or the email added as a Team member in another Crypto APIs account.

Do you offer a free plan/trial/demo for Crypto APIs?

We do not offer trial or demo for Crypto APIs products. We do however offer a free subscription instead, which can be used over testing networks.

Can I use more than one Crypto APIs product at once?

Of course. It's an all in one subscription.

I need more custom settings for my subscription, is it possible?

Yes. We have a Custom option for subscription. To set it up you can directly discuss it with one of our representatives by contacting our team.

How can I pay for the service?

We accept payment methods such as debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) by using our payment provider Stripe. We can also offer you an alternative way to pay for your subscription plan, such as wire transfers, pay with cryptocurrency or PayPal. For more information, contact our business development team at [email protected]

Are payments for Crypto APIs services recurring?

Are payments for Crypto APIs services recurring?

Can I prepay for my subscription for longer?

Yes. For that purpose you can contact our team so that we can discuss how and for what period of time you would like to make your payment.

Do you offer discounts?

We may offer you a discount depending on your subscription. Only larger packages and subscriptions for a longer period of time (yearly) can apply for a discount. If you think your subscription is eligible for a Crypto APIs discount, contact our team right away!

What is “Rate per second”?

This rate sets a limit for requests that can be made per second. The default equals 10, which means at most 10 requests can be done in a second. Still, this logic does not apply to all time frames. For 1 minute time you can use up requests equal for max 30 seconds, which means that 1 minute allows max 300 requests. The same logic goes for 1 hour, where you can use up requests equal for max 30 min, which means 9 000 requests.

How many credits does an endpoint cost?

You can see the credits cost for each endpoint in our official Documentation. Simply select the endpoint you want information for and the credits cost is displayed at the end of the page.