BEP-20 is the BSC version of Ethereum’s most common standard, ERC-20. BEP-20 is a technical specification providing a flexible format for developers to create a range of different tokens. Using BNB Smart Chain development, BEP-20 token transfers are fueled with BNB.

Blockchain BNB Smart Chain
Type Fungible
Popular token Binance-Peg Ethereum Token (ETH)
Required Functions name, symbol, decimals, totalSupply, balanceOf, getOwner, transfer, transferFrom, approve, allowance
Released 2020
Use cases Utility tokens
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BEP-20 in use

BEP-20 follows the ERC-20 of Ethereum but enjoys lower fees. Tokens made to the BEP-20 standard can include utility tokens, stablecoins, security tokens, or “Peggy Coins”, tokens built using the BEP20 standard and pegged to different assets.