Crypto APIs Version 2.0 Is Turning One!

Crypto APIs Version 2.0 Is Turning One!


Crypto APIs Team

Mar 1, 2022 • 4 min

Crypto APIs Version 2.0 has reached its first milestone, turning the grand old age of 1 year old today! Launched on the 1st March 2021, version 2.0 was an exciting moment both for Crypto APIs’ team and our customers. It saw the introduction of many new endpoints as well as a revamp of the architecture and little bugs taken care of.  

The first release of our infrastructure platform was a huge success, but of course, being a pioneer project, it had room for improvement. Months of hard work and development from our amazing team of blockchain and crypto experts resulted in the new and improved Crypto APIs 2.0.  

With increased performance and an expanded technology stack, the ultimate suite of data, tools and services for blockchain development was born.   

Version 2.0 Improvements and Additions 

Crypto APIs currently has a robust auto-scalable infrastructure that offers more than 160 unified endpoints supporting more than 30 networks with an average processing speed of 25ms.  

Our reliable blockchain infrastructure has 100% uptime...for the entire year, it has never been down. Not even for 1 second! 

One of the biggest improvements version 2.0 brought was unification. By utilizing Kubernetes and the OpenAPI V3 specification we now offer unified endpoints that are much easier to integrate. 

Customers have access to specific information such as address and transactions details from any supported blockchain protocol, quickly and without the need to do any additional code.  

Throughout the one year that version 2 has been live, we’ve added support for top blockchain protocols and launched numerous API endpoints to widen the scope of functionality for our customers.  

We are now able to provide a full product suite including Blockchain Data, Wallet as a Service, Webhooks, Automations, Blockchain Tools, and Market Data. 

Our digital wallet solution for businesses utilizes the most advanced cryptographic method for securing transactions known as Multi-Party Computation or MPC.  

Working with Industry Leaders 

Version 2 was introduced to greater serve those businesses and institutions wanting to integrate blockchain into their operations. The improved network architecture, data and tools, strong technical expertise and advanced security brought us many new partnerships. 

Our blockchain solutions are used by hundreds of companies, including market leaders such as Ledger, CoinStats, CoinSwitch Kuber, Nexo, Enjin, CoolWallet, Chainlink, Arculus, Exness, ALT 5 Sigma, NGRAVE, Prime Trust, Kinesis, Cashaa and many more. 

Crypto APIs is the preferred partner to many hardware wallets, exchanges, portfolio trackers, payment providers, crypto wallets, while our range of products has application in multiple use cases

Even Greater Security and Privacy with ISO Certification 

As well as celebrating a full year of Crypto APIs version 2, there have been other exciting developments that further enhance our blockchain solutions.   

In February, Crypto APIs was pleased to announce its ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. The internationally recognized standard specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving information security management systems (ISMS).   

To achieve the certification, Crypto APIs’ compliance was validated by an independent audit firm, TÜV Rheinland— one of the world’s leading testing service providers.   

ISO 27001 is similar to the SOC 2 framework, which is more closely associated with North America. Currently, ISO 27001 is the only globally recognized and auditable security standard for the evaluation of a business’ ability to protect sensitive and confidential data.   

ISO certification is not mandatory for organizations, but for Crypto APIs, it is an essential investment. It is clear evidence of our commitment to cybersecurity and privacy.   

And There Is More to Come...  

Just like the evolution of the blockchain is non-stop, so too is the evolution of our suite. With more and more blockchains, cryptocurrencies and digital assets being introduced, our team is always working to add new integrations and features to our supported protocols. We are actively participating in building the infrastructure for Web 3.0 that will empower more enterprises and institutions to take part in that new realm. 

We are now working hard on expanding our product suite to add additional features, including the launch of NFT APIs – a set of API endpoints that facilitate the management and operations with non-fungible tokens.  

As we best understand our customers’ needs, we are also planning to offer Shared nodes – a solution for businesses and institutions, looking for robust access to blockchain nodes, at a fraction of the cost. 

We’re planning to add the following protocols and networks to our Crypto APIs version 2.0:  

  • Tron 
  • Bitcoin SV 
  • Polygon 
  • Terra 
  • Cardano 
  • Stellar 
  • Near 

A Year Full of Growth and Opportunities 

We are celebrating a year full of growth, success and opportunities. The effectiveness and robustness of our product suite has attracted the attention of multiple investors and funds throughout the year. We received several offers and entered into preliminary agreement with the DeFi platform WonderFi Technologies Inc. in December 2021, but Crypto APIs’ management decided not to proceed with the acquisition deal.  

As we are confident in the success of our product and becoming a trusted Web 3.0 industry leader in providing blockchain infrastructure and services to businesses and institutions, we will pursue our own Series A funding. 

Happy Birthday, Crypto APIs 2.0!

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