Wallet as a Service


Wallet as a Service (WaaS) is a highly secure and scalable crypto wallet infrastructure, offering flexible options for digital assets management for businesses and institutions of all sizes.

It's a digital wallet solution covering all the essential stress points of the modern digital wallet - the perfect balance between ease of use and security, successful and quick integration with multiple blockchains, key recovery system, and low-cost fees.

Multi-chain support
90% lower fees
Encrypted backup

Protected with MPC technology

The most secure key management method for signing transactions.

How MPC works

MPC is a keyless system that replaces the private key with individual key shares separately generated by multiple non-trusting parties without sharing any data. This means no single party ever has access or visibility of the entire key. Transactions are signed, approved and broadcast with a single signature and the signers’ key shares never become public information, or even leave their holder’s domain.

Quantum-safe cryptography

Our MPC Wallet features a Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) which offers absolute protection of assets from external hacks and insider threats. With TSS, a threshold of active signers must be met before a transaction can be authorized. Thanks to the MPC, there is no way to know which signatories signed, so security and privacy are ensured.

No single point of failure

Distributed risk and decentralized security minimize the possibility of theft or misuse.

Sustainable and scalable

The blockchain agnostic nature of MPC is highly adaptable and easy to scale.

Lower transaction fees

The advanced MPC method reduces transaction size, meaning lower gas and fees.

What are you up to?

Our powerful blockchain product suite helps businesses and institutions build the ecosystem of tomorrow.

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