Why Choose Crypto APIs for Your Hardware Wallet

Why Choose Crypto APIs for Your Hardware Wallet

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Crypto APIs Team

Feb 18, 2023 • 4 min

Hardware wallets provide customers with the safest way to interact with the blockchain and keep their cryptocurrencies and digital assets secure. That’s why they are a preferred solution for many users who want a non-custodial wallet that gives them full control of the security of their private keys. 

They are also known as cold storage as they shield the private keys from third parties, eliminating any risk of assets being compromised. With a hardware wallet, transactions are signed locally to prove ownership, which means key management never gets shared with anyone. The confirmation happens offline on the hardware wallet, before it is even sent on the blockchain.  

From the Wallet to the Blockchain 

To ensure reliable performance and operations of their services, hardware, non-custodial crypto wallet providers need to support multiple protocols, coins, tokens and other digital assets. In addition, they need a connection to the blockchain to broadcast signed transactions, access to accurate data on balances, and to get notifications for new events on the transaction. 

Building and deploying this infrastructure and features from scratch takes considerable time, money, and effort. Not to mention the expertise and additional costs required to run your own blockchain nodes. 

The better option for hardware wallet providers is to connect directly with a reliable, auto-scalable, trusted multi-chain 3rd party provider that ensures them with the infrastructure and functionalities needed to perform their operations. 

This is where Crypto APIs come in. 

How Crypto APIs Helps Hardware Wallet Providers 

Crypto APIs blockchain infrastructure suite simplifies the complex management of hardware wallets by providing unified data, webhooks and broadcast tools in a full-service solution. 

We maintain a collection of powerful API endpoints that can be easily integrated into any crypto or hardware wallet application using 9 SDKs. We support over 25 networks (both testnet and mainnet) and multiple tokens and digital assets.  

We can guarantee the fastest execution response time on the market, an average of 25 milliseconds. By utilizing Kubernetes and running perfectly orchestrated multiple node pools, we can ensure 99.9% uptime for our customers. 

HD (xPubs, yPubs, zPubs) syncs 

Most hardware wallets are Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallets meaning that they can generate billions of extended public and private keys. That’s great for security but we know that it can make the management of addresses and pulling data on demand a bit complicated.  

For example, you can query a balance of an address in BTC from a node at any time, but you can't do the same directly for an HD wallet as you need to cryptographically derive the addresses and apply some calculations to be able to get the final data. 

That’s why we’ve built a set of APIs that allow you to sync HD wallets (xPub, yPub, zPub), obtain HD wallet details, list HD wallet transactions, list HD Wallet UTXOs and more. 

 Syncing HD wallet with Crypto APIs means that we will fetch all previous transactions and start monitoring for any new transactions. 

Blockchain data 

You can make use of our data, events, and tools to derive all possible addresses, get all previous transactions and calculate balances.  

Once the HD wallet is synced you can get details of confirmed balance, total coins received and spent, as well as a list of all UTXOs and use them to prepare transactions (data). 

Crypto APIs will also keep an eye on your wallet and monitor for any incoming transactions, updates, events, etc. 

Make use of our multi-blockchain unified API endpoints to gain rich data.  

Here are some of the features you can use: 

  • Get details on balances 
  • Confirmed and unconfirmed transactions 
  • Mempool data 
  • Fees recommendations 
  • Tokens transfers 
  • Internal transactions,  
  • NFTs, and much more. 

Blockchain events 

With Crypto APIs, there is no need to pull the data all the time. You can subscribe for Blockchain events and we’ll make sure you are notified only when the event occurs. 

Event types can include a new block, new transaction, new token transfer, new internal transaction, and more. The delay between event time and sending our callback is less than 1 second. Check out the docs here.

Broadcast locally signed transaction 

After signing a transaction locally, you need a way to broadcast it to the blockchain. Our dedicated API endpoint provides a fast and reliable connection and eliminates the need to have your own node. 

You can also subscribe to get a callback update about the transaction lifecycle and success or failure status. 

Choose Crypto APIs for Your Hardware Wallet 

Crypto APIs simplifies the complexities of managing huge infrastructure including nodes and aggregated databases by providing a means to communicate with the blockchain in one easy-to-integrate API suite.  

To learn more about how Crypto APIs can help you grow and evolve your hardware wallet provision, contact us today.    

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