Crypto APIs 2.0 is here

Crypto APIs 2.0 is here

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Crypto APIs Team

Mar 19, 2021 • 4 min

They say working hard pays off. We know for a fact that’s true, as we are very much excited to announce Crypto APIs 2.0 - new and improved!

For quite a few months our amazing team of Blockchain and Crypto experts has been working on developing a better version of the Crypto APIs. Crypto APIs 1.0 was a huge success but it came with its own imperfections, being the first of its kind.

In the little over a year during which Crypto APIs 1.0 has been live, our support team has been always on the lookout for user feedback, issue reports, and bug occurrences, as we wanted to keep bettering our software and provide our customers with the best blockchain functionalities and tools possible.

This led to our team redesigning and improving Crypto APIs.

Crypto APIs 2.0

Now Crypto APIs 2.0 is based not only on a higher level of blockchain and crypto know-how, but also on all of the amazing and constructive feedback we have received from our clients. We strived to provide a product that is not just better or faster (which it is), but also incorporates more than our competitors have.

Crypto APIs 2.0 is based on unification at its core. By using and integrating unified endpoints, which takes a short amount of time, customers can then have access to the specific information (e.g. address details, transactions details, etc.) from any supported blockchain protocol without the need to do any additional code, IF/ELSE, or other special cases as we will return the data in the exact same way. A good question is how can data, which is valid only for a single blockchain, be unified at all? The answer is - it can't be. But the endpoint and its logic can. That is why all customer data could be found in the same response under the "blockchainSpecific" attribute.

For Crypto APIs 2.0 we also emphasized on the most important aspects that needed to be improved in Crypto APIs 1.0, which included:

- speeding up average response times, which then were about 800 ms;
- easing the integration process and making it faster;
- improving customer support;
- applying a standard for request, naming, convention, errors, etc.;
- unifying endpoints;
- incorporating the OpenAPI 3.0 standard for documentation;
- calculating fees on Mempool data;
- improving automatic forwarding;
- setting up SDKs, etc.

Crypto APIs 2.0 - new and improved, includes the same blockchain passion and high quality development as Crypto APIs 1.0, but without any of the issues. After these many months of software development and testing, V2 is now officially better and faster:

- Average response times are now only 25 ms;
- Unique Unified Endpoints are a part of Blockchain Data now, call on an endpoint and receive data no matter the blockchain;
- Developed Unified Responses, Callbacks and Errors, which all follow the same standard;
- Extensive Documentation is created and continued to be further prepared in the OpenAPI 3.0 Standard;
- Now there are automatically generated Documentation, Code Examples and a variety of SDKs;
- An auto scaling solution is included based on K8S;
- Integrating new protocols and adding new features is now much faster and easier;
- Authorized IPs, Permissions by Route and API Key;
- Retry logic for callbacks, + more security improvements.

Crypto APIs 2.0 as a product has been redesigned in its architecture to better encompass the available blockchain and crypto features and tools. The diverse subscription plans and the arrangement of functionalities among them was carefully calculated to be of use to both the novice Bitcoin/Ethereum devotee and the professional.

Blockchain Data

Access both Unified and Raw blockchain data, synced into a well-designed, perfectly indexed and fast database, using REST APIs orWebSockets. Historical and Live data, Balances, Blocks, Transactions, Token Transfers, HD Wallets, Mempool data, and more.

Blockchain Events

Subscribe for supported events on any Blockchain and we will notify your verified endpoint with all details when that event occurs. Whether you want a notification when there’s a new block, new transaction, or new token transfer, multiple options are available in short response times.

Blockchain Automations

Automatically forward any received funds (tokens or coins) to a main address. It's a simple and quick way to generate as many hot deposit addresses as you need and get all funds collected in your main Wallet. Maintain only your main address, everything else is up to us.

Blockchain Tools

A set of prepared cryptographic APIs which save time and effort. This product has no connection with any database or blockchain node and doesn't record any data. A quick crypto helper to generate a certain address in a specific format, an HD wallet (xPub, yPub, zPub), and more.

So, what's next?

In addition to publishing new SDKs, adding more endpoints and features, we are working hard on our new product Wallet as a Service. Our WaaS product will be unified, as well, which means it will be used in the same way for all supported Blockchain protocols, and comes with a lot of features such as:

- 2-3 Wallets: A MultiSig wallet shared by three parties and which requires two signatures to sign a transaction;
- A Backup file;
- A Policy Layer, Limits and Restrictions;
- Configuration of n- of manual approvers;
- Callback notifications for all incoming/outgoing transactions.

Crypto APIs 2.0 is now live in production and you can check our new website on and review our extensive documentation on We are continuously adding more information to our Documentation so make sure to frequently check our new materials. All clients of Crypto APIs 1.0 can view more information about their subscriptions and transitioning to V2 in our FAQ.

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