Blockchain Data

Blockchain Data

Get access to Unified and Raw blockchain data using REST APIs or WebSockets. The whole data, starting from the genesis block, is synced into a well-designed, perfectly indexed, and fast database.Blockchain Data like Balances, Transactions, Blocks, internal transactions, Tokens Transfers, etc. could be delivered on-demand for the average response time of 25 ms which makes hosting nodes or syncing blockchain data to self databases totally needless.

Blockchain Data

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  • Top Blockchain Protocols have different data structures. Integrating them requires the allocation of development resources separately for everyone.
  • The nodes of different blockchain protocols are huge. In addition to the needed time for syncing there is a huge monthly hosting bill.
  • Some of the data can't be just queried from nodes like the internal transactions in Ethereum, balances of Bitcoin addresses, or fee data based on Mempool.


  • Unified, synced, and indexed data from top blockchain protocols, where more protocols are constantly integrated.
  • Why should everyone pay for their nodes separately when we can all use shared economy and save huge development and hosting costs.
  • Create and Check wallets, balances, addresses and contracts.
  • Wesley Wen

    Wesley Wen

    Technical Director


    Choosing Crypto APIs has helped us to not only accelerate the progress of developing new features for our CoolWallet product but also while providing great stability. Their services are valuable to us and their products are offered at a fair price.

  • Angus Goldman

    Angus Goldman

    Co-founder & CTO


    The Crypto APIs team helped us with our development and scaling challenges by utilizing their Blockchain products. Unlike previous providers, we advantaged from their seamless integration providing us blockchain data, transaction notifications, accurate exchange rates, and more by using just one SDK and all with just one subscription from the same provider.

  • Xavier Hendrickx

    Xavier Hendrickx

    Co-founder & CTO


    After trying multiple different platforms, we were impressed by Crypto API's quality support and robust uptime. Crypto API is now our number one choice for blockchain gateway.


  • Unified Data

    Unified data is a new way of representing blockchain data. Invented by Crypto APIs 2.0, the idea is to always have the exact same request and same response no matter the Blockchain. The integration is done in hours and adding new blockchains no longer needs any extra effort.

  • Raw Data

    In addition to Unified Data, we also provide the generic raw data. It's what blockchain nodes have when no changes have been made from our side. It's useful in the cases when you want to replace your node or service provider with us, but at the same time you don't need to make any changes to the code. Unlike Unified data, we have to note that here every blockchain has its own specific structure of data.

  • REST APIs & WebSockets

    In addition to REST APIs, you can get some of the data using WebSockets. WebSockets will return only raw data, and will simulate exactly what a node can push in general.

  • Mempool Data

    Mempool data is very important as tens of thousands of pending transactions are fighting to be mined in the next block. Every transaction wants to be confirmed as soon as possible using the lowest fee possible.

  • HD Wallets (xPub, yPub, zPub)

    In addition to Blocks, Addresses, Balances, Transactions, Uncles, Smart Contracts, Tokens Transfers, Internal Transactions, Logs, etc., we also provide unified endpoints for syncing HD Wallets (xPub, yPub, zPub). Once synced, you can get balance, transactions and addresses.

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Build at the fraction of time using our Open API 3.0 specifications and multiprogramming language SDKs.

With Crypto APIs 2.0, you can integrate in hours, go to market in days and save from your development and large infrastructure bills.

Save from your development and large monthly bills by using Crypto APIs 2.0 instead of running your own infrastructure, all without compromising security.

Multiregional, Auto Scaled, and Enterprise-grade security cloud-based solution.