Blockchain Automations

Blockchain Automations

You can use Automatic Coins Forwarding or Automatic Tokens Forwarding to automatically forward any received funds to the main address you have set. It's a simple and quick way to generate as many hot deposit addresses as you need and get all funds collected in your main address (wallet). There is no need to take care of security, private keys, mnemonics, etc. All you need is to take care of your main address, which you can protect by yourself and not be generated by us at all (e.g. hardware wallet). For each new automation you register, you should specify your main address. We give you a new hot deposit address. Whatever funds come to this address, we forward them to your main one.

Blockchain Automations


  • "Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins" is 100% true but it generates a challenge because it means you should make sure you will not lose these keys or they will not be compromised in any way.
  • Keeping your funds in thousands of different deposit addresses is a security challenge.
  • Moving funds when they are received means to have logic for checking balances, checking fees, creating transactions, etc., which is a lot of work.


  • Create a unique deposit hot address per user no matter how many addresses you need, for any blockchain protocol, using just one single REST API endpoint.
  • Move all of your funds to one secure and main wallet. It could be custodian with insurance, hardware wallet, etc.
  • No need of nodes or additional implementation, we will take care of absolutely everything and move your funds to your own secure main address once they are received.
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    Angus Goldman

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    Xavier Hendrickx

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    Obasi Francis Ifegwu

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    Lead Wallet

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    Michael Benisti

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    Trayan Nikolov

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  • Automatic Coins Forwarding

    By creating such automations we start monitoring your address for incoming coins. Once they are received we automatically move all of them to your target address. It works exactly in the same way for absolutely all supported blockchain protocols.

  • Automatic Tokens Forwarding (Ethereum ERC20 Tokens)

    You can automatically forward a specific ERC20 token (Tether USD) from any of your deposit addresses to your main address.

  • Automatic Tokens Forwarding (Bitcoin Omni Layer Tokens)

    You can automatically forward a specific Omni Layer property (TetherUS) from your deposit addresses to your main address.

  • Priority selection to optimize fees cost

    Since you don't know when exactly you would be receiving funds and fees are frequently changing, you can't set an exact fee but you can set the priority of your automations (slow, standard, fast) and we will take care of it. Our fee calculation is based on Mempool data.

  • Minimum Amounts

    You can set a minimum amount to be collected before forwarding, which will save you some fees as we will not forward any amount automatically. Our bot will wait till the minimum amount is collected and after that will forward the funds as a single transaction.

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