Introducing Kryptonize by Crypto APIs

Introducing Kryptonize by Crypto APIs


Crypto APIs Team

Jun 12, 2019 • 2 min

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to transfer cryptocurrency with just one click? Without having to switch between wallets and providers every time you want to transfer different cryptocurrencies and tokens?

Just imagine having the possibility to download a plugin like Metamask, but that supports all the main cryptocurrencies (not only Ethereum) and that offers a free service.

We, from Crypto APIs, have turned your desires into reality – we have created Kryptonize.

Kryptonize is a 0% commission Crypto Payments Provider and when we say 0% we mean it, without any fine print and hidden clauses. It also automatically calculates the gas limit for every transaction, so you will never face again failed transaction due to gas issues.

Not only it allows you to transfer cryptocurrencies and tokens with one click, but also without transfer limits and with a minimal waiting time both on main net and test net.

How have we achieved that? The whole system is built on top of the Crypto APIs Ecosystem, which unifies the top blockchains in one place.

We pride ourselves with a modern but simple design, which is easily used even by non-tech people.

If you think that all of this is amazing, wait to read what is coming in the future!

The most exciting feature in the pipeline is the integration of Kryptonize with E-commerce platforms. This will allow you to purchase your favourite products with different cryptocurrencies and tokens. Just imagine it: you are browsing an E-commerce website, you choose what to buy and with just one click you have purchased your desired item with tokens. The future is definitely here.

Soon you will also be able to use Kryptonize to purchase cryptocurrencies and tokens using fiat money. This will make the whole process and experience of using cryptocurrency more unified and simple. You will need nothing more than Kryptonize to manage your portfolio of tokens and cryptocurrencies from A to Z.

Where to download Kryptonize?

Follow this link and install the Chrome Plugin in your browser. Afterwards you just need to register an account and you are ready to go! You can import your existing wallet or easily create new ones.

Earn API Tokens

You can participate in the Crypto APIs airdrop and earn 10 API tokens for adding & reviewing the plugin and registering an account at Kryptonize.

To see this task and many others, register on the Crypto APIs token sale platform here.

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