Crypto APIs Popular Unified Blockchain Data & Blockchain Monitoring Services

Crypto APIs Popular Unified Blockchain Data & Blockchain Monitoring Services


Crypto APIs Team

Dec 18, 2023 • 3 min

As a pioneering provider of blockchain infrastructure services, Crypto APIs boasts an extensive range of premium crafted blockchain services and solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses and corporate clients. Among our comprehensive suite of offerings, two of our most popular services are experiencing remarkable demand from our clients, are blockchain data and blockchain events.

Blockchain Data

Our commitment to supporting leading blockchain protocols, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, enables us to deliver unified network-related data. This is particularly useful when clients require to obtain on the go full historical data which can date back even from genesis (first created) block, with the entire process completing in less than 25 milliseconds. 

Given the inherent variations among different blockchains, our emphasis on data unification empowers our clients to efficiently manage and operate with data, enhancing their speed, ease, and overall user experience. In addition to the unification aspect, our data is indexed. This indexing feature resolves challenges associated with raw, non-indexed blockchain data, which is known for being complex and challenging to work with. This refinement ensures that our clients can engage with data in a more organized and accessible manner, promoting a smoother and more productive workflow.

The Crypto APIs blockchain data APIs serve as the primary facilitator ensuring the availability of data widely utilized by various decentralized projects and applications. The provision of data is made possible through the utilization of the REST APIs architectural style.

Blockchain data can be used for various purposes, one of which could be accounting. We can provide on-demand historical data from the blockchains that we support via REST APIs. This allows customers to obtain data that is from several months or years ago, which is delivered to them for up to the incredible 25 milliseconds. 

A pivotal element of our blockchain data service is its automation, ensuring an impressively rapid response time of just 25 milliseconds. The exceptional speed of our service facilitates swift retrieval of full historical data from blockchain networks, covering various aspects such as different blocks, transaction activities, tokens, smart contracts, mempools, account balances, fees recommendations, and other use cases. This instantaneous data retrieval capability contributes to the seamless and efficient functioning of our service, meeting the dynamic needs of users for real-time and on-the-spot information.

Blockchain Events

The popularity of blockchain events within our comprehensive suite of services is no random occurrence. This particular service finds versatile applications, including but not limited to bookkeeping, verification of incoming and outgoing transactions, monitoring various digital assets across the multitude of blockchains we support, prevention of transaction duplications, adherence to regulatory frameworks, analytical purposes, and numerous other use cases. The broad range of functionalities associated with blockchain events outlines its significance and broad appeal across diverse scenarios and needs.

Our blockchain events service is also fully-automated, which is especially convenient for businesses that operate with various cryptocurrency addresses and place high volumes of transactions. Without the automation, the amount of manual work may be extremely hectic, requiring time, effort and sufficient man-power. In addition, manual checks cannot match the speed of our blockchain events notifications guaranteeing that you get notified instantly upon events` completion.

For instance, if your business operations involve transferring assets on the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, upon subscribing to the events that you would like to follow, you will receive Bitcoin events notifications, and respectively Ethereum events notifications for the Ethereum network, to ensure that you are up to date at all times. 

Some of the most popular events for which users can subscribe are new confirmed transfers, transactions involving different types of assets such as tokens, coins, NFTs and smart contracts, new blocks and others. With Crypto APIs webhooks the return of data is occurring no later than only 100 milliseconds since events` completion. 

We understand that corporate requirements vary, and you might seek more in-depth information on our blockchain data and events. Maybe you're looking for a fully customized plan aligned with your specific objectives? On both occasions, please reach out to our team. We'd be delighted to discuss all the details together.

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