Get Access To Tron Historical Data Via Crypto APIs Endpoints

Get Access To Tron Historical Data Via Crypto APIs Endpoints

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Crypto APIs Team

Jul 21, 2023 • 4 min

Crypto APIs core services are concentrated around the provision of data, related to all of our supported blockchain networks, blockchain layers, token standards and cryptocurrency assets, including all available tokens on all supported blockchains.

The Tron network is among the most popular blockchains among software developers and builders. We are aware of the high demand of Tron blockchain data due to some of the benefits that Tron is providing, such as:

- Decentralization: Tron is dedicated to building an infrastructure that enables decentralization, allowing participation in the block creation even by token holders.  From developers` perspective, smart contracts supported by Tron allow the creation of very complex and very diverse decentralized applications (dApps), ranging from gaming applications, gambling and betting apps, farms and pools as well as other DeFi platforms 

- Cost-effectiveness: Tron network is known for its low transaction fees when compared to other proof of work (PoW) blockchains, which explains the wide adoption across businesses. It has a delegated proof of stake (DPoS) mechanism, which not only plays a vital role in reducing the tx fees, but it also diminishes the level of required energy for processing.

- Developer-friendly: To support the work of developers for building their dApps, the trc network has enabled tools and resources which are vital for the smooth creation and deployment processes

- Interoperability & speed: Another key feature is the Tron commitment to provide interoperability with other blockchain protocols, which enables moving data and cryptocurrencies between different networks. In addition, the high transaction throughput is responsible for rapid confirmation times, quicker transactions processing and better overall experience of users. 

Tron Historical Data

As part of our ongoing development, we started the provision to Tron historical data in recent months. But what does that mean to our clients?

This means that by using our blockchain data service, you can get data from the Tron network, which we track from 1st Oct 2022 onwards. All rest APIs that we use return responses in unified format for all of the blockchains that we support. 

Data related to different digital assets that are on the Tron blockchain is also available. For instance, some of the most popular trc20 token standard assets, such as USDT, USDC, BUSD and others, are also supported.  

As with all other protocols` data that you can obtain through our APIs, we ensure a very quick response time of 25ms, guaranteed by an indexed and synced database. Information that we display encompasses Blocks, Addresses, HD Wallets (xPub, yPub, zPub), Balances, Unconfirmed Transactions, Confirmed Transactions Uncles, Epochs, Tokens, Smart Contracts, Internal Transactions, Mempool, Fees, and more.  

As of time of writing, the provision of full historical data for Tron remains in development, but we are very close to releasing a planned services upgrade. Once completed, this upgrade will allow all of our customers to monitor and track data on the Tron network that occurred from the very first block created, known as the genesis block, up until the last mined block. This means that the entire data in all created blocks in the period from the genesis block launch (June 25, 2018) until the exact time at which a request is made by the customer will be available for retrieval. 

Due to very high demand by our customers, we had to initially start with live data only, and then we expanded to historical data that can be tracked from 1st October 2022 to now. In the upcoming weeks, when we release the scheduled historical upgrade, our customers will enjoy the benefit of having access to all important data on the Tron blockchain, regardless of how old the data they require is. 

Real-time Tron Data

The provision of real time data on the Tron blockchain is available as part of two of our core services - Blockchain Data and Blockchain Events.

Blockchain Data is primarily concerned with the retrieval of historical data. However, you can get access to endpoints as part of this service, which will let you track and monitor particular sets of data in real time. For example, if you would like to check the available balance of a particular address, you`ll be able to perform this operation through our APIs. 

In the blockchain events service, you can get notified for the occurrence of particular events happening on the Tron blockchain. You can subscribe to receive notifications for creation of new blocks, transactions, token transfers and others with a minimum delay between events and callbacks of less than 100ms. 

In addition, there are other use cases and utilization of the Tron protocol into our blockchain infrastructure suite, such as blockchain tools. You can see more information of the updates logs in our updates section for an overview, or get in touch directly with us so we can assist. 

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