Build Crypto Exchanges using APIs

Build Crypto Exchanges using APIs


Crypto APIs Team

Mar 18, 2020 • 2 min

Naturally, building a crypto exchange is not an easy task. To build reliable, secure and stable crypto exchanges, companies need to invest their resources. However, there are several key factors that should be kept in mind. It is common that the platforms may encounter server faults, automatic failover, the need for scaling up with demand or scaling down to save money. Meanwhile, these should be executed while being transparent to the clients. Some of the service crypto exchanges should be providing are:

  1. The interfacing of a number of different cryptocurrency networks
  2. Payments and withdrawals handling
  3. Movement of funds to and from a cold store

Accordingly, Crypto APIs provides facilitation means for the adoption of cryptocurrency trading through its Blockchain Data and Crypto Market Data APIs. Our vision encapsulates two main advantages we aim to bring to developers: time efficiency and development effectiveness. Go-to-market will be much faster, without having to reinvent the wheel.

Market Data APIs 

Our API endpoints provide data from 12 top crypto exchanges. Some of the information you can obtain include:

Get Exchange Rate By Asset Symbols - Through this endpoint customers can obtain exchange rates by asset symbols.  

List Assets Details - This endpoint will return a list of details on assets (cryptocurrencies or FIAT). The details returned could include information on the latest rate and rate fluctuation of different periods of time - 24 hours, a week, one hour, the encoding of the logo, and more.

Get Asset Details By Asset ID - Through this endpoint users can obtain information on assets by assetId.

Blockchain Data APIs 

Crypto APIs Blockchsin Data APIs allows you to look up information about:

  1. get address details
  2. unconfirmed transactions
  3. query transactions based on hash
  4. list all confirmed transactions
  5. sync HD wallets

and over 50+ requests using unified REST APIs. See the full list of Blockchain data endpoints.

In a nutshell, time means money, especially for crypto-exchanges. And if you are a developer or enterprise looking to grasp the most promising opportunities in cryptocurrency trends, let us tell you: “You have loads of work to do”. BUT probably not as much as you thought! APIs do have a habit of minimizing your efforts when it comes to qualitative workflow. #guiltyascharged

Find out more on our use cases for building crypto exchanges.

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