Block Explorer

Block Explorer

You can easily add new, fresh, and needed crypto content using our APIs. Block Explorers like, need huge investment and a long time to sync the full data of all supported blockchains and store it. Using Crypto APIs 2.0 such a product or module could be released in days.

Features You Could Use

  • List of Blocks

    Get list of blocks with their details

  • Block Details

    Get all block details like hash, height, size, transactions count, fees, difficulty, etc.

  • Transaction Details

    The details of a specific transaction like amount, fee, size, senders, receivers, etc.

  • Address Details

    The address balance, number of incoming and outgoing transactions, total sent, total received, etc.

  • Tokens, Internal Transactions, Smart Contracts, etc.

    Transfers Tokens, Tokens Balances, Internal Transactions, etc.

Useful Products

  • Blockchain Data

    Blockchain Data

    Get access to Unified and Raw blockchain data using REST APIs or WebSockets. The whole dat...

  • Blockchain Events

    Blockchain Events

    Subscribe for a certain event, that could happen on any Blockchain, and we will notify you...

  • Blockchain Tools

    Blockchain Tools

    Blockchain Tools is a set of prepared cryptographic APIs which save time and effort. This...

  • Market Data

    Market Data

    Get access to Unified market data using REST APIs. The data is collected from top crypto e...

Use Cases

More Use Cases

  • Crypto Wallet

    Crypto Wallet

    Multicurrency crypto wallets like Coinbase Wallet, Exodus, or ZenGo could be developed muc...

  • Crypto Exchange

    Crypto Exchange

    Launch scalable crypto exchanges with top cryptocurrencies in days without compromising se...

  • Hardware Wallet

    Hardware Wallet

    Hardware wallets focus on securing the private keys of their customers but to provide full...

  • Crypto PSP

    Crypto PSP

    To build a crypto payment service provider (PSP) like BitPay or CoinPayments you should ge...

  • Digital Banks

    Digital Banks

    Diversify with digital assets and grow with the help of a vibrant crypto customer base and...

  • Crypto Custody

    Crypto Custody

    Retain full control of your assets without requiring a full on-premise implementation or i...

  • Crypto Lending

    Crypto Lending

    Reliable infrastructure to build Crypto Lending solutions like Nexo where blockchain data...

  • Crypto Taxes & Accounting

    Crypto Taxes & Accounting

    Crypto is taxable so to calculate your taxes you could need a software like Gilded or Coin...

  • Portfolio Tracking

    Portfolio Tracking

    Crypto Tracking or Portfolio applications like Coin Stats and Blockfolio need historical a...

  • Crypto Mining

    Crypto Mining

    Mining Software need blockchain data such as blocks, transactions, fees, latest block, etc...

  • Mempool Data

    Mempool Data

    All blockchain protocols have fees, which are not fixed and are mainly based on demand and...

  • Trading Terminal

    Trading Terminal

    Build unique trading terminals with universal live Web Sockets, unified trading endpoints,...

  • Market Data Applications

    Market Data Applications

    It doesn't matter if you want to build a crypto market website like or a...

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