Zilliqa is a public blockchain based in Singapore. Initially, the ZIL tokens were launched as ERC20 Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. After the successful launch of the Zilliqa blockchain mainnet the tokens were swapped for ZILs on the native blockchain network. The first launch of the Zilliqa ERC20 tokens happened in 2017, whilst the Zilliqa mainnet launched in January 2019.

Zilliqa is the first blockchain platform to implement sharding, which is probably its most interesting and innovative characteristics. Sharding consists in the division of the network into several smaller component networks, called ‘shards’. These smaller components are capable of processing transactions in parallel, by validating micro-blocks at the same time. The micro-blocks are then put back together to create a single, full-sized block.  

Another key feature of Zilliqa is its scalability; as the throughput scales, the number of nodes scale almost linearly. This means that every second you would roughly see a transaction per almost every operational node.

Recently, Zilliqa has also launched smart contract creation on its platform, with its own programming language – Scilla.

Crypto APIs supports Zilliqa mainnet and testnet APIs.

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