The problem with building a blockchain related project from scratch

Have you ever tried to start and build a blockchain based product? We all know very well this is a very hot topic as of 2017, but it consists of an extremely time and cost consuming process for any start-up or even established business.

Challenges in starting from scratch

  • Setting Up Servers, whether they are hosted in the cloud or located locally, the support cost is huge
  • Security in today’s IoT
  • Maintaining BIG DATA
  • Multi-blockchain integration & node set-up
  • Obtaining constant high-availability CDN
  • Countless hours of development & keeping up with a team of developers
  • Current gap of knowledge about blockchain & finding knowledgeable developers
  • High Costs, related to Time and Material (cutting into your start-up funding and money allocation)
  • Take care of Soft & Hard Forks
  • Lack of simplified access to Cryptocurrency Data API sources and unification


However, Crypto APIs has done exactly this, cut out all the work required to get a business up and running in no time. Crypto APIs has created a set of powerful blockchain based API endpoints, which everyone can utilise for personal and business use. Through a simplified and unified model integration we have built a best-in-class solution.

Moreover, with Crypto APIs you will be able to get powerful and robust endpoints for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Litecoin (LTC), plus EOS (EOS), Stellar (XML) & Ripple (XRM) which are still work-in-progress as of today and Tron (TRX) as our next step. For instance, to top up our services, we provide valuable on-demand, historical & live data from 150+ of the top crypto exchanges by market cap. Additionally, be sure to visit our Crypto API Documentation for more information.

These are only a few example of what you will up against when starting off. Crypto APIs has already done all of the above for you, above all, unifying the way developers interact with Blockchains & Crypto Exchanges. Similarly, through the use of interoperability, coherent and advanced integrations we have built an all-in-one platform for market data and powerful blockchain endpoints.

Overall, some of the major benefits you can expect from using our crypto API endpoints & blockchain data:

  • Big Data Storage, already taken care of
  • Locally Hosted Nodes
  • 5K+ Market Data Updates per second
  • Market Data collected all the time from 150+ exchanges
  • Multi-language SDKs
  • 300+ Unified API endpoints
  • Multi-Crypto Seamless Integration

In simple words, Crypto APIs is your one stop solution to drive your business innovation, acceleration & help you reduce time, cost & risk.

Getting started: