Build your own free crypto trading bot

Crypto trading bot

From the ‘70s onwards we have lived in a more and more digitalized world. Although the technology 50 years ago is hardly comparable to the one we have access to today, it’s astonishing the change that computing power had on the financial markets of the time.

Trading specifically is a sphere where technology is making a substantial difference, where we see the best trading companies in the world having access and using tools that the average person will never have access to. But things are changing fast and when you have innovations like blockchain and crypto currency combined with modern technology, the mix that comes out of it is truly explosive. Cheap hardware and an easy and open access to the crypto market, means that more and more people can now nose-dive in algorithmic trading.

What is a crypto trading bot?

A crypto trading bot is nothing more than a software, which interacts with crypto exchanges through an API. They do not sleep or shut down, which means that they solve the main problem that traders face in the crypto markets- the fact that they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Trading bots buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency around the clock, at the exactly correct moment with the goal of generating you a profit. They are constantly connected and monitoring the situation on the crypto exchanges, thanks to the available APIs, and act according to the set of preprogrammed actions that you have set them with. They can have the ability to check different market conditions across multiple exchanges at the same time.

The speed with which a trading bot can operate is infinitely faster than the speed a human being can think, yet alone react to a change. They can also process a much bigger load of information. Most importantly they are emotionless, unlike humans, and their actions are dictated only by raw data. And in a chaotic and extremely volatile environment like crypto trading, this means a lot.

Bottom line, crypto trading bots are more reliable than humans and when it comes to crypto trading reliability is a synonym of profit.

The beauty of it all is that everyone can easily and, most importantly, cheaply build their own trading bot. A few lines of code will be enough to set it up to perform trades in the best way possible and following your sole desires.

The hard part you can leave to Crypto APIs

With our Crypto Market data APIs you can get cryptocurrencies and FIAT current exchange rates, trades, quotes and more. This will feed your crypto trading bot with absolutely all the information it needs to perform at its best and follow your instructions. The Crypto Market Data APIs also give you access to all the historical data you might need to backtest your trading strategies. 

With our Blockchain APIs you can get node information like blocks, transactions, verification progress and more. More raw data that you will not need to personally analyze, but that a trading bot can easily devour and use to create more profit for you.

Our Trading APIs will give you (and your crypto trading bot) access to 50+ exchanges immediately. This will allow your bot to trade on multiple exchanges simultaneously.

 Welcome to the new era of ceaseless, productive and profitable crypto trading.