Crypto APIs Adds Major Feature – Automatic Tokens Forwarding. Consolidate Ethereum tokens.

Crypto APIs Adds Major Feature – Automatic Tokens Forwarding. Consolidate Ethereum tokens.

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Crypto APIs Team

May 28, 2020 • 1 min

Crypto APIs, the leading infrastructure layer for blockchain and crypto products, today announces a major new feature to give customers secure and robust way to automatically forward ERC20 tokens, including Tether(USDT) and Omni Layer from one address to another. You can easily consolidate Ethereum tokens like Tether from multiple wallets to one main wallet.

Automatic Tokens Forwarding is an extension of the existing feature Automatic Payment Forwarding that supports users of Crypto APIs to easily forward cryptocurrencies like BitcoinEthereumLitecoinBitcoin CashDOGEDASHEthereum ClassicZilliqa and many more from one address to another address. Automatic Tokens Forwarding allows the same functionalities, but for all existing ERC20 tokens or all existing Omni layer tokens.

Using Crypto APIs’ new feature, you don’t take care that much about your hot wallets/addresses as you use them mainly to identify who is the sender of the funds, you use Webhook feature for that. This is very useful for Crypto exchanges and Crypto Wallets.

One big obstacle for many programmers and traders who are manually transferring ERC20 tokens is that they need to have gas to move the funds. This problem was solved by Crypto APIs’ engineers who now allow Crypto APIs’ developers to have one gas address for their token forwards, which solves one of the biggest problems in Ethereum transactions.

About Crypto APIs: Crypto APIs is the leading infrastructure layer for software engineering teams to build crypto and blockchain products faster. Crypto APIs offering includes:
Wallet as a Service supporting 1000+ coins and tokens.
Blockchain APIs: Complete Blockchain Data, transactions, addresses, Webhooks, broadcasting to public blockchains.
Market Data: Extensive Crypto Market Data from top crypto exchanges Trading APIs: Managing digital assets portfolio on multiple exchanges with one integration.

Crypto APIs is the backbone of top crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, payment processors, hardware wallets serving thousands of users.

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