Weekly Product Update April 4, 2022

Weekly Product Update April 4, 2022


Crypto APIs Team

Apr 4, 2022 • 1 min

We keep on improving Crypto APIs product suite with more features and functionalities. 

Here is what’s new from this and last week: 

New API endpoint: Estimate Transaction Smart Fee 

A new unified API endpoint has been added to Blockchain Data. 

Estimate Transaction Smart Fee can estimate the approximate fee per kilobyte needed for a transaction in order to begin the confirmation within the `confirmationTarget` blocks whenever possible. After which it will return the number of blocks for which the estimate is valid. 

It is supported for BTC, LTC and DASH blockchain protocols. 

Extended XRP Ledger support in WaaS

We now support x-Addresses in Wallet as a Service (WaaS) for the XRP Ledger protocol. 

The new feature allows you to use the x-Address Type for XRP as a destination or source address. The x-Address represents a classic address that is encoded with tag.  

In WaaS you can use it for the following endpoints: 

New x-Address endpoints added to Blockchain Tools

For the purpose and your convenience, we have also developed endpoints to simplify both the encoding and decoding of the x-Address. You can find them in the Blockchain Tools section of our technical documentation.  

Features added to API endpoints in Blockchain Events

We have improved three endpoints from Blockchain Events with a new feature. 

You can now set when to receive the callback for your event subscription. The new attribute `receiveCallbackOn` allows you to set on which confirmation (e.g. first, second, fifth, etc.) you'll receive the notification from the system that event has occurred.  

This functionality is now available for: 

Coins forwarding in Blockchain Automations is improved 

The automatic coins forwarding has been improved to now listen for and forward internal transactions, as well!

This applies for the protocols Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).  

You can use the new features in the following three API endpoints: 

Stay tuned with our blog and updates page to be the first one to see what's new with Crypto APIs!

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