The problem with Exchanges Private APIs and the benefit of having them in one API

The problem with Exchanges Private APIs and the benefit of having them in one API


Crypto APIs Team

May 16, 2019 • 1 min

Ever been aggravated with having to track all your cryptocurrency exchanges separately and opening a million windows? We at Crypto APIs feel your pain and this is why we have decided to make your lives easier.

Access Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We have developed a unified Private Crypto API integration. Thus, this allows users to have the easiest way to connect their cryptocurrency exchanges accounts to a single place. Similarly to Plaid, Crypto APIs is in the world of crypto and blockchain.

Overall, a powerful set of Crypto API integrations into the unrelated data sources of the crypto ecosystem. In simple words, instead of writing multiple interfaces into different exchanges or wallets, connect to a single universal solution. API provides methods for retrieving data for instance: from exchanges, wallets and various data sources protecting the integrity and security of the users.

Above all, if you are worried in any way about your account security, it is our top priority so all sensitive information private key and API password is encrypted and stored in this format only.

Crypto APIs Private Cryptocurrency Exchange API

So, simplify your trading and increase your profit margins by always staying on top where the best pair price match occurs, allowing you to focus on product building and not data quarreling.

In this case, having to log-in, log-out and keep track of all your credentials isn’t much fun. So why not give this service a try and work with buy/sell of your cryptocurrency assets. CryptoAPIs does not have an option where crypto or fiat can be withdrawn from your account.

Consequently, you will have to log-in directly to your crypto currency exchange account and do as you would normally. So, set it once and forget it! We are constantly working on addition more cryptocurrency exchanges and working on having the integration live all the time.

Finally, Crypto APIs is building the future of crypto financial services!

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