Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)


Crypto APIs Team

Jul 7, 2019 • 4 min

What is Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)?

If you are trying to venture into the world of Blockchain-based applications, you are most probably already overwhelmed by the numbers of existing blockchain protocols, the similarities, and differences between them and the completely different ways they need to be implemented.

Not to mention the head-spinning costs that you will be facing doing such an implementation: set up a server and a node and maintaining them, plus the costs of integration and security.

Having secure, full nodes, which are running 24/7 with no downtimes and are constantly synced is an exorbitant cost for any startup or established business.

This is why we have developed Crypto APIs Blockchain APIs.

But what could you actually do with our Blockchain APIs?

Firstly, some of the blockchain-based applications that you can develop with the help of our BaaS API are, for instance:

Crypto Payment Service Provider (PSP)

You can generate hot wallets for the end-users, get notifications when they receive any funds, move a certain amount of these funds to your own wallet as a commission and the remaining part to your client’s wallet. In addition, you can get Cryptocurrencies and FIAT rates.

Blockchain Explorer

Building a Blockchain Explorer is much easier with Crypto APIs Blockchain as a Service APIs because we have all the needed data and ready endpoints.

Crypto/Blockchain Statistics & Analysis

If you want to show any Crypto/Blockchain Statistics or prepare any Crypto/Blockchain analysis, data is essential. We have already collected all the data you need and provides it in JSON, CSV, etc.

Crypto AML Solution

To build a Crypto AML Solution you need to be able to go back and fetch previous transactions and to know the source of funds. In that case, with our API you can easily go up as many levels as you need and check for suspicious addresses.

Crypto KYC Solution

KYC Providers which are looking to know who the owner of a given wallet is, have only one technical way to find that out. This consists of asking the wallet’s owner to transfer a certain amount of Crypto to a dedicated temporary wallet and, once it’s received, to refund it. Therefore, using Blockchain APIs within a few hours you will have integrated the required endpoints to do that.

Gas Fees Management

Check gas price, calculate a price, get a prediction or let Crypto APIs choose the best gas fee for you.

ICO/STO Solutions

Similarly, to build any tokenization platform, you need the relevant Blockchain protocols and temporary wallets for receiving funds.
Additionally, you’ll need issuing and sending tokens by calling a smart contract, Cryptocurrencies & FIAT rates and live transactions.

Crypto Wallet

Using Blockchain APIs, you can generate:

  • - a dedicated wallet for each user
  • - get a notification for all wallet events
  • - auto-forward the funds to a cold wallet
  • - check the balance
  • - check the wallet transactions and more.

Why should I choose Crypto APIs and not another Blockchain APIs Provider?

In simple words, Crypto APIs has the most complete and all-round solution and is among the Top Blockchain API providers on the market.

Our product is comprised of 3 APIs: Blockchain APIs (BaaS),
Crypto Market Data APIs and TradingAPIs. In fact, most of the other solutions you will find on the market only offer 1 of the 3 APIs.

For instance, if you wanted to build a product that requires at least 2 of these APIs, you would have to go to two different API providers and pay two separate sets of bills. With Crypto APIs, you have all you need in one place.

Below you can see a comparison with Blockcypher API, Upvest API, Tangany Blockchain Wallet as a Service and dfuse Blockchain APIs.

Secondly, when we dig deeper, in fact, it becomes clear that the single APIs are also much more comprehensive and cover a broader spectrum of services and options.

Crypto APIs Blockchain APIs not only offers a ready-to-use integration with top 10+ blockchain protocols, but also:

  • - access to historical data
  • - support on the sending of a signed transaction (where you keep the private keys on your side)
  • - gas information and optimization
  • - Webhooks and WebSockets support and much more.

Thirdly, here is a list of Blockchain APIs Crypto APIs support:

  1. Bitcoin API (BTC API)
  2. Ethereum API (ETH API)
  3. Litecoin API (LTC API)
  4. Bitcoin Cash API (BCH API)
  5. BitcoinSV API (BSV API)
  6. Dogecoin API (DOGE API)
  7. Dash API (DASH API)
  8. Zcash API (ZEC API)
  9. Tether API (USDT API)
  10. Bitcoin Gold API (BTG API)
  11. Zilliqa API
  12. Ethereum Classic API (ETC API)
  13. Ripple API (XRP API)

Moreover, below you can see another comparison, this time only of the Blockchain APIs between Crypto APIs and Blockcypher, Upvest, Tangany and dfuse.

Finally, if you want to learn more how Crypto APIs can help you build your blockchain-based product, feel free to get in touch with us directly through the contact form on our website: 

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