Removing the barriers between companies and Blockchain

Removing the barriers between companies and Blockchain


Crypto APIs Team

Oct 21, 2019 • 2 min

Blockchain APIs by Crypto APIs help remove barriers between companies and blockchain

Although blockchain is a new technology which has gained momentum in recent years it is deeply rooted in technologies introduced decades ago. But there are two main innovations that make blockchain stand out from the rest. It allows to record any type of data: ownership of assets, contractual obligations, copyrights, voting and a long list of other variegated data. In addition, there is the swift from centralized to decentralized control.

But why does this matter?

Both private and the public sector can be radically changed by the adoption of blockchain technology. The foundation for the development of p2p platforms for the exchange of digitized goods, information and assets with no intermediaries underlies on two main features. The possibility to store any type of data and its decentralized nature. This means to potentially change many (if not all) economic markets and, as a consequence, society as a whole. Some call it the next industrial revolution.

But what is stopping this revolution from happening?

There are a few hurdles that need overcoming in order to truly have blockchain technology becoming a part of our everyday life. Whilst some of them need to be overcome on an institutional level, for instance the matter of regulations, others are obstacles that are a direct consequence of the still low adoption of blockchain technology.  The main reason why these obstacles are still in place can be summarized in a couple of points:

  • - The learning curve for companies and individuals, which is intrinsic for any new technology
  • - The costs of implementation for any new type of technology is high, therefore not always worth the investment

What is the solution?

The adoption of blockchain will have a snowball effect. The more people will start using blockchain to improve their businesses, the easier, cheaper and more feasible it will be for others to join in. The first steps are always the hardest.

We at Crypto APIs are providing an infrastructure layer to achieve that, by standing between the complex blockchain world and the people that want to build on it. Through our Blockchain APIs, we are de facto removing the two main obstacles in the way. Firstly, any developer can build a blockchain based app by using our APIs. Secondly, this saves companies time and money, as the time to build is reduced significantly. Also there is no need for costly hardware and software resources to sustain a blockchain based project.

Crypto APIs is the stepladder to the next industrial revolution.

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