Crypto APIs selected for Microsoft for Startups Program

Crypto APIs selected for Microsoft for Startups Program

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Crypto APIs Team

Oct 24, 2019 • 2 min

Crypto APIs – a leading Blockchain API provider that enables easy access to blockchain development, has announced that it has been chosen as a qualified Startup in the Microsoft Startup program.

The company works as an infrastructure layer that radically simplifies the development of any blockchain and crypto-related applications. Crypto APIs – a leading Blockchain API provider, thanks to a unique product that covers several blockchains, full crypto market data and private trading APIs.

About Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft for Startups is aimed to partner with the top rising startups engaged in the development of software-based products. Only innovative, technical solutions considered unique to the marketplace can leverage the benefits provided by their program. The selection of Crypto APIs will provide them with technical, business and sales support. The technical backing will allow Crypto APIs to access the best of Microsoft’s technology, starting with Azure cloud. Business and sales support includes, digital and social campaigns, targeted industry co-marketing and engagement with over 40K Microsoft sellers.

Crypto APIs has received the highest available grant of $120,000 of server credits. 

“Being selected for the Microsoft Startup program is possibly the biggest acknowledgment of the hard work and great ideas behind the creation of Crypto APIs” said Viktor Petrov, co-founder of Crypto APIs. “We are looking forward to working with Microsoft and capitalize on all the benefits that the Startup program will provide. This includes the technical benefits, but also the knowledge and insights that the Microsoft team can share with us.”

The company

Crypto APIs is a solution that provides fast and reliable APIs to access real-time and historical data from. Both from the crypto market and Blockchain protocols. Crypto APIs has gained a leading position in the market thanks to their unique product, which is comprised of 3 APIs: Blockchain APIs, Crypto Market Data APIs and Trading APIs.

Blockchain APIs

The Blockchain APIs allow developers to build on more than 10 different blockchain protocols through an easy-to-use API. Hence, it gives access to historical data, supports the sending of a signed transaction where you keep the private keys. Similarly, it has gas information and optimization, Webhooks support, WebSockets support As well as Bech32, SegWit, xPub, HD support and more.

Crypto Market Data APIs

The Crypto Market Data APIs provide the most relevant crypto market data collected from more than 100 crypto exchanges. The data provided is both live and historical, making the Crypto Market Data APIs the one-stop-shop for anyone that requires fast, reliable and comprehensive information on crypto markets. But also on exchange rates, quotes, trades, OHLCV and Candles.

Trading APIs

The third product provided by Crypto APIs is Trading APIs. This product is aimed at companies and developers that need easy and quick access to different exchanges. Instead of writing multiple interfaces for the various exchanges, the unified API allows the use of exchanges and wallets accounts from one single place.

Finally, to learn more about Crypto APIs, visit or one of the social channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

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