Q2 2024 Review: Pay As You Go, New Blockchain Integrations & Product Updates

Q2 2024 Review: Pay As You Go, New Blockchain Integrations & Product Updates

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Crypto APIs Team

Jul 8, 2024 • 4 min

The second quarter of 2024 has concluded, and we are pleased to report substantial progress. Our team's efforts were concentrated on implementing significant changes to the operational side of our blockchain infrastructure suite. Key developments included the launch of a new Pay-As-You-Go model, the introduction of three new subscription plans, numerous product updates, the integration of five new blockchain protocols, and the deprecation and addition of new endpoints. We also integrated a new testnet while phasing out the old one, alongside various stability and security improvements and fixes. 

Pay As You Go Model

The introduction of Pay As You Go is our solution to potential barriers and blockers that our customers may face in times when they require higher service usage or when they run out of credits for the current payment term, but their demands are spiking. 

Each subscription plan includes a predefined set of credit limits. If customers exhaust their credits before the start of the next billing period, they can still access our services through the Pay As You Go model. This model activates automatically once credit limits are exceeded and applies to all paid subscription plans only.

Introducing “throughput”, removing request per second

A major part of the Pay As You Go model and our new credit scheme is the introduction of "throughput," replacing the traditional requests per second metric. Throughput measures the number of credits clients can spend per second, providing a more flexible and scalable approach.

Each of our three new subscription plans includes a "soft throughput" limit, indicating the number of credits that can be used per second. Once this limit is reached, clients can exceed it through the Pay As You Go model at a slightly increased cost, and up to the "hard throughput" limit. Once reached, the hard throughput is the absolute maximum number of credits that can be used per second, even with the extra usage that Pay As You Go provides. For higher hard throughput needs, clients can either upgrade their plans or discuss specific requirements with our team.

One of the major benefits of introducing the throughput metric and integrating it into our new subscription plans is the drastic increase in the requests per second limit - by the astonishing 150 times compared to previous limits.

Daily Credits Are Gone

We removed daily credits due to feedback received from our customers and to improve the simplicity of our charging mechanisms. The removal of daily credits means there is only one metric displaying the number of credits that clients receive for a plan, and that is the monthly credit metric. 

Five New Blockchains Supported in Blockchain Data & Blockchain Events

We've successfully integrated Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism into our Blockchain Events service. Additionally, these four blockchains, along with Solana, are now available within our Blockchain Data service.

Clients can access real-time data for all these blockchains, as well as historical data up to 14 days old. For data older than 14 days, including information dating back to the first genesis block, customers are encouraged to contact our team to learn about accessing our extended historical data endpoints.

While Solana is currently available through our Blockchain Data service, we are actively working on integrating it into all our services. The current Solana blockchain data endpoints available for deployment include:

Get Solana Address Balance
List Solana Transactions By Address
Get Transaction Details By Signature
Get Solana Token Details by Contract Address

For more detailed information on our blockchain integrations and the full list of available endpoints, please visit our updates page

Four Endpoints Replacements & Polygon Testnets

In May 2024 we deprecated four endpoints which were replaced by four endpoints as part of our ongoing improvements in quality of our services, ensuring higher performance and lower latency. All of the endpoints were automatically applied and customers are now not required to make any changes. Read the full update here.

We also discontinued the support of the Polygon Mumbai Testnet due to its deprecation by Polygon Labs. To provide an alternative, we integrated Polygon Amoy Testnet, which functions as the default main testnetwork of Polygon. More on this change find here

What to expect in Q3 2024?

In the third quarter of 2024, we plan to launch a brand new customer dashboard with an enhanced user interface designed to significantly improve the user experience. Our goal is to make the dashboard simpler, better organized, and easier to use.

Another major update is the release of our revamped Dedicated Nodes service, which is the best in class on the market, offering an unbeatable price-to-quality ratio. We are also developing a dedicated page for this service that will provide detailed comparisons with other providers and highlight the premium quality of our offerings. Our Dedicated Nodes service will support over 50 blockchains and can accommodate requests for additional public blockchains as needed.

For our Shared Nodes service, which will be separated from the Dedicated Nodes service, we will continue to add new blockchain protocols. This effort is ongoing and expected to extend into Q4. Our aim is to diversify our offerings and support as many blockchain protocols as possible. 

To stay informed about our latest improvements, new releases, and updates, follow this space or reach out to our team for more details.

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