Crypto APIs Releases A New Endpoint To Provide Transaction Logs

Crypto APIs Releases A New Endpoint To Provide Transaction Logs

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Crypto APIs Team

Oct 9, 2023 • 3 min

To conclude the month of September 2023, our team unveiled the release of a new endpoint which we have already added to our suite of services, the “List Logs By Transaction Hash" endpoint. This endpoint is now fully-accessible and operational and was carefully designed to cater to the needs of our customers and enable them to receive more detailed transaction logs related to specific blockchain transactions. It is an efficient, user-friendly and fully-automated method for obtaining transaction data.

We do acknowledge the rising need for having access to detailed transaction information. Regardless if you are taking advantage of this endpoint as a blockchain developer, crypto trader or for any other organizational purposes, our new endpoint is designed to simplify your journey and provide you with the insights about transaction logs you need.  

What Can I Monitor With This Endpoint?

This endpoint enables you to comprehensively trace the complete history of a placed transaction. Imagine your interest lies in a specific token swap transaction. Through our endpoint, you can access information regarding the sender and recipient addresses, transaction status, fund activity, and additional details that provide a comprehensive view. Thanks to оne of our recent updates, a range of new parameters were introduced prior to the release of this endpoint. These parameters, include signatureData, functionSignature, method, and string, allow for in-depth monitoring and detailed information tracking, all of which can be conveniently displayed in the logs.

The significance of this endpoint lies in its ability to display an exceptional level of detail, even when dealing with cross-chain transactions. For instance, it can provide comprehensive information when transferring USDT and executing swaps onto networks like BSC. Same is applicable to similar assets that are pegged or backed by real-world assets, which allow transparent and accurate accountancy work to be performed. 

Crypto APIs Blockchain Data Service

The "List Logs By Transaction Hash" endpoint serves as a component within several of Crypto APIs' blockchain infrastructure services. However, for the focus of this blog, we'll be discussing it within the context of one of our most popular services — the blockchain data service.

Our blockchain data service empowers users to access comprehensive, intricate, and real-time unified data spanning all supported blockchain networks through a single point, utilizing unified REST APIs. The benefits of this service even extend beyond this point, as we ensure rapid response times, with a guaranteed speed of under 25 milliseconds.

In essence, this service plays a pivotal role in retrieving information from blockchain protocols. It covers a wide array of data types, including account balances, block details, transaction activities, token information, smart contract data, mempools, fee recommendations, and more.

One of the primary advantages of this service lies in the cohesive data it provides to customers, sourced from all available blockchains. This harmonization ensures standardized and unified data accessibility, irrespective of the specific blockchain network a client chooses to interact with. With our service, there's no necessity to manage and maintain your own node; instead, you gain direct and unified access to our nodes, and we handle the tasks on your behalf. The sole prerequisite is completing the integration, which we've diligently simplified for a swift and straightforward process. Unified APIs represent a significant industry advantage due to the multitude of subtle distinctions present among various blockchains. Leveraging such a solution can greatly alleviate the need for extensive knowledge and experience within your development team.

Use Cases

As previously highlighted, the need for specific transaction hash log data can vary widely among customers, spanning developers, investors, and corporate entities, each with their unique objectives. Here are some of the primary use cases where clients frequently find this endpoint invaluable:

Accountancy: This feature simplifies the process of tracking and comprehending the movement of coins, tokens, or digital assets between addresses. It offers a comprehensive record of transaction data, making it a valuable tool for individuals and organizations focused on financial management and accounting.

DEX Platforms: Decentralized exchange (DEX) platforms often leverage this endpoint to present transaction details to their users. It enhances transparency and enables users to monitor the status and history of their trades on the platform.

Liquidity Pools: Providers of liquidity pools, as well as swap platforms and protocols, can greatly benefit from accessing transaction logs. These logs provide valuable insights into the liquidity dynamics within their pools, facilitating informed decisions about liquidity management and optimization.

If you are in doubt how this endpoint can be aligned with your organizational goals and used for your corporate purposes, please get in touch with our team by messaging us on our contact form, or by starting a conversation on our live chat.

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