Crypto APIs Supported Cryptocurrency Testnet Faucets

Crypto APIs Supported Cryptocurrency Testnet Faucets

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Crypto APIs Team

Jun 30, 2023 • 2 min

Cryptocurrency faucets were initially introduced to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies and give people a way to obtain small amounts of digital currency for free.  The idea of faucets was first introduced with Bitcoin faucets, but later on it has been adopted by several other cryptocurrencies.

Testnet faucets, on the other hand, represent a web3 utility used for the distribution of different tokens and digital assets in a tested environment. Their purpose is similar to the standard cryptocurrency faucets, but the approach is different. 

Testnets are different blockchain networks created by cryptocurrency projects solely for experimentation and testing purposes. They mimic the functionalities of the mainnet (the live blockchain network), but use test tokens instead of real cryptocurrencies, which do not have any real-world value.  

Through cryptocurrency faucets for testnets different test tokens can be distributed to developers, users, QA specialists and anyone else who would like to test the functionalities of the blockchain network without using real cryptocurrencies. DApps and smart contracts functionalities can also be examined in a secure setting. 

Crypto APIs testnet faucets

Our clients can enjoy the support of several testnet crypto faucets for receiving testnet cryptocurrencies. As of now, we provide a vast number of blockchain networks testnets, which are as follows: 

Bitcoin - testnet
Bitcoin cash - testnet
Litecoin - testnet
Dogecoin - testnet
Dash - testnet
Ethereum - Goerli = testnet
Ethereum Classic - Mordor = testnet
Xrp - testnet
Zcash - testnet
Binance Smart Chain - testnet
Tron - Nile = testnet
Tezos - Ghostnet = testnet
Stellar - testnet

All aforementioned crypto faucets are available as part of Crypto APIs free subscription plan, which provides access to testnet environments only. Developers can test their products using testnet coins in the form of 100,000 daily credits, which will be visible in users` dashboard. We provide free access to all faucet testnet currencies in a single place, which is a huge relief for dApp and software builders. 

To gain access to the mainnets of all protocols that we support, our clients need to upgrade to any of our paid subscription plans which are specifically created to cater for even the most demanding needs. This is inclusive of our custom-tailored plan which our team can help you create.    

In conclusion, cryptocurrency testnet faucets are an irreplaceable medium enabling developers, creators and project teams to assess and refine their applications, smart contracts and decentralized protocols in a controlled and safe environment. Crypto testnet faucets facilitate the smooth progress of development and help identify any issues or vulnerabilities before deploying on mainnets. 

It is of great importance to remember that testnet faucets are specific to each testnet and do not provide real cryptocurrencies. Test tokens which are received from faucets cannot be transferred or used outside the respective testnet environment. 

To begin your journey with Crypto APIs contact our team who will provide you with all information that you require about our plans and how to get started with our products. 

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