Build Crypto Wallets using APIs

Build Crypto Wallets using APIs


Crypto APIs Team

Mar 5, 2020 • 1 min

Blockchain seems to be going through a daily self-learning experience. The goal is simple: secure, fast and robust transaction completion. Crypto wallets are one of the main products where these changes are quickly seen. Let’s help you build crypto wallets then!

Nowadays, crypto wallets are hardwares or softwares that are being used to store ownership information. These are the addresses and the secure (private) digital keys. Priorities have been diversified in a sense that users are reaching out for long-term solutions that cover:

  • access
  • support
  • security

Cryptocurrency wallet development companies are filling the market. Now they can be set to be compared in important metrics, unlike years ago. These metrics include the number of users in the platform, the number of supported currencies, the number of posed threats in the past, etc. The company may either hold the client’s properties on their behalf or take full responsibility through its high encryption modes or it can provide private keys to the user.

In addition, APIs are being used as a backbone to the processes. Here are a few examples what can be done with Crypto APIs and the provided over 100+ endpoints.

Generate Deposit Address - Through this endpoint customers can generate a new receiving/deposit addresses into their wallet.

Create Coins Transaction Request from Wallet - Through this endpoint users can create a new transaction request from the entire Wallet instead from just a specific address. 

Sync HD Wallet (xPub, yPub, zPub) - Sync HD wallet and we keep updating the synced HD wallets all the time.

Companies can build crypto wallets through these endpoints. This saves time and effort by focusing on the application logic. The more companies define and validate their use cases, the more competitive advantages they gain.

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