Optimism is a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, aiming to improve transaction throughput and reduce fees by employing optimistic rollups, a technology that enables faster and more cost-effective smart contract execution.

Networks Mainnet
Released 2019
Consensus Optimistic Rollups
Smart contracts Yes
Block time 2 seconds
Smart contract language(s) supported Go, Javascript, Solidity, and Typescript
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The Optimism Blockchain

Optimism blockchain, crafted by Ethereum developers for Ethereum developers, stands as a swift, reliable, and scalable Layer 2 blockchain. Functioning as a streamlined augmentation to current Ethereum software, Optimism architecture mirrors the EVM, ensuring seamless scalability for your Ethereum applications. If a feature operates on Ethereum, it seamlessly translates to OP Mainnet, offering the same functionality at a significantly reduced cost.